Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here it is, another two months and I am just now blogging again. I promise when thing slow down around here, I will blog more often. We are still working feverishly on our garage room, or poker room, as Carley calls it. We have everything finished but the floor and nailing up some trim. I will be so glad when it's finished and I'll definitely post pics when it's through.
We had a great Easter! Bryan bought two ducks for Carley and Gavin. Carley named them Ming Ming and Tuck from the Wonder Pets. They are so sweet and love to swim around in my garden pond. I just wish they weren't so darn messy, but Carley abslutely loves them, so that makes it all worth it. We also had a cookout and egg hunt with my family on Saturday and dinner with Bryan's family on Sunday after church. It really was a great weekend.