Saturday, November 03, 2007

We had an awesome time in Owensboro last weekend. We got to visit our old house. The lady that owns the house just happened to be there when we went by to see it. I told her who I was and she took us inside the house and showed us what their plans are for it. They are going to put a 5 star restaurant in it with a pub in the basement. It will be called The Miller House. It is going to be a destination restuarant that will seat 150 people. They are restoring the house back to the original condition, as much as possible. All of the beveiled glass window are being redone. She did tell me that the house was known as the "Jewel of Owensboro" because when the sun would shine through the beveiled windows in would leave prisms of color all around the room. I am so glad that they are continuing on with the restoration. She was impressed with Bryan's restaurant knowledge and wants him to come apply for a chef's position when they get it ready to open. Wouldn't that be something? Bryan working in the house we used to live in. We had a wonderful trip. It was great to go up and look around the town and spend time with my friend, Kristy and her family. I am looking forward to our next trip later this year.
We had a nice Halloween with the kids. We took them around to the relative's houses and to McDonalds for supper. Carley was a princess and Gavin, a cowboy. He was walking around shooting everyone with his gun! He is so funny! They had a great time and got tons of candy. Here are some pictures:

That's all for now. We are getting ready to play some Texas Hold 'Em. I'll update again soon! Thanks for visiting.