Saturday, July 11, 2009

We had a wonderful 4th of July! Our night began and my Sister and Brother-n-law's for a cook-out, then we traveled to Guin to watch the big fireworks display. It was so nice. We were stretched out on a blanket and it looked like the fireworks were right on top of pretty.
Here is Bryan and I:

Here's Bryan, Aricka, and Tim:

Here's Carley and Gavin in the back of the care waiting for the fireworks to begin:

Here's Gavin playing with sidewalk chalk on Tim and Aricka's front porch:

Here's Carley and her masterpiece:

Aricka and I sitting on the blanket:

Carley and Papa Terry waiting for the fireworks:

MawMaw Donnie, Carley and Gavin:

Papa Terry, again:

Carley and Terry leaned over looking at the fireworks:

I have some new pages to share!
I couldn't help but do a page for Queen Cleo. Here she is lounging on Carley's bed.

Yes, this is my man, Keith Urban. I got to see him for the third time in Huntsville on our anniversary weekend. This was the first time we took Carley with us though. She had such a great time. The concert was fantastic!

I took this self portrait at Tabatha's house on our girl's night. I like how this one turned out.

This is my friend, Tabatha, and I on our girl's night we had a few weeks ago. We haven't been out together, just the two of us, since we got married. We had a blast, I'll tell ya! We went out to eat and goofed off. It was a lot of fun.

Until next time....

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Greta Adams said...

whew!! girl i am finally getting around to checking blogs...i am so pathetic.... looks like ya'll had a great time...that was some good pics of your boyfriend keith....andi LOVE that self portrait!