Thursday, June 02, 2011

So much has happened since that beautiful day in March when Mr. Pharr and I got married. We had a wonderful time in the mountains and our cabin was gorgeous! As soon as we got back, we were planning a spa party for a certain drama queen who just turned 9....our Carley Nevaeh!

We celebrated Easter at our home church, Hackleburg Church of God of Prophecy. We had no idea that just 3 days later our church would be destroyed by an F5 tornado that wiped out 80% of the town. It broke our hearts and so much loss was mourned but it bound together a community set forth to rebuild and carry on. It made me proud to be from Alabama and it still warms my heart to see so many from abroad that have reached out to help our community.

As a result of the tornadoes, I also got to meet a cyber friend from, Virginia Tillery. We met at the Birmingham Mall where I picked up back packs to take back to the children of Hackleburg who lost everything they owned.

And so we began preparing for the end of the school year and all the events that take place before Summer vacation officially begins.
Carley was in the school play, Tom Sawyer, as a member of the chorus. They did such a wonderful job and Carley sang her little heart out.

My little man graduated pre-school. It makes me sad to think that he is starting kindergarten this Fall. He is my last one to have at home full-time. Next thing I know, they will be graduating high school!

Speaking of graduating high school, my niece Savannah graduated high school! This makes me sad, too. She was my first "baby." I was 15 when she was born. She would sleep on my chest at night, so her mom could sleep! She stayed with me more than she stayed home. Then, I got married and she got mad. After that, I wasn't cool anymore!lol But, I know she still loves me!

This brings us up to this passed Saturday where we celebrated Savannah's graduation party at the lake! Here are Carley and Gavin with their silly faces and a sweet smiling photo just for me!

Whew! I'm exhausted now! How about you? I'll leave you with pics of Carley and Gavin sleeping on the way home from the lake! I'll be back soon to post scrappy projects I haven't posted yet!

Until then.....


Aubree said...

Heartbreaking news about your church..and of course all those at were affected!

Kids grow up so quickly don't they? Graduations make it that much more real to me! Your kids are such cuties!! Thanks for sharing all of your pixs!

Kim said...

wow all those fab photos...looks like lots of scrapping ahead