Saturday, October 20, 2007

My heart is just broken. Thursday night our old hometown, Owensboro Kentucky, was hit by a tornado. It hit in our old neighborhood and damaged our house really bad. I am afraid that it will have to be torn down. I am so sad because my family and I loved this house. We have always been really attatched to the house and to Owensboro ever since we moved. We had so many wonderful memories there. I went to school there and countless friends came and stayed the night with me there. My two sisters met their husbands there and had their children there. It was just such a huge part of our lives. We even tried to get the house back after Daddy died but another man bought it and was in the process of restoring it to put a restaurant in it. I can't help by cry when I see the photos of our old house and think of how all of the residents of Owensboro were affected by this. It almost seems like it wasn't real looking at the photos and all the devistation. I am sure it is even more tragic in person. My best friend and her family who lives in Hartford was also affected by this. It just breaks my heart and I am so thankful that they are okay. I haven't heard from some of my friends there but I am praying for them. Please do the same.
Here are some photos of our old house before and after the tornado:

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Cindy M said...

I have more pictures of the house from our Owensboro trip in May on myspace (
This is so unreal, I can't believe the devistation our old house sustained. I never felt unsafe in that house and looked forward to going back and seeing the new chapter that was unfolding and now it looks as if this is the end. I'm praying that it's not. I love you sister, thanks for sharing your feelings, our feelings.