Monday, September 01, 2008

I finally got my pictures of our vacation to Gulf Shores uploaded to share with you all! I apologize that it has taken so long. Hopefully it will be worth the wait! We had a wonderful time, so much so, that none of us wanted to go home. Gavin still looks at the pictures and says, "Go beach!" We stayed in a beautiful condo courtesy of Cockrell Banana Co. It was right across from the beach and had "an awesome pool," as my nephews would say. We got in Sunday night around 7pm, unpacked the car, and got groceries. We picked up buckets and nets so we could go crab hunting. The beach was so nice at night. There was the most refreshing breeze and you could hear the waves crashing against the shore. It was so relaxing. I could've pulled up a chair and sat out there all night. We got up the next morning and headed over the beach again. Carley and Gavin loved playing in the water. Gavin was a little scared of it so he would have to sit in my lap and let the water wash over his legs. Carley wasn't afraid until she fell face first in it and the water snatched her goggles off her head. She just cried. We ate at some of the best seafood restaurants, Mikee's, Great American Oyster House, and another one I can't think of the name of, opps! We visited the zoo. It was so hot the animals didn't even want to come out from under the shade, but the kids enjoyed seeing them and having Daddy pull them in the wagon. We played miniature golf, too. I wasn't sure if the kids would enjoy it but they had a ball. Carly like posing with the statues. Gavin would pick his ball up, drop it in the whole, and yell, "yes!" It was so cute! Carley got a hole in one, Bryan got a hole in one, Gavin, with Bryan's help, got a hole in one. But I, however, didn't get a hole in one! Cindy, Mom, Austin, Colby, and Matthew joined us on Friday. We went and got them boogie boards so they could ride the waves. We had so much fun watching them. Matthew was a natural! He was hitting those waves one right after the other! We also ate at the Giggling Grouper and went school shopping at the outlet store! We had so much fun! It was so relaxing getting out of bed when we wanted, lounging by the pool, watching movies, and most of all, feeling the sand between my toes, the breeze in my face and warmth of the sun on my skin! I can't wait to go back. If it wasn't for the hurricanes, I'd move there right now!
Here's some pics of the beach: It was so gorgeous!

This was our beach access from Sea Oats Condos!

This is the pier behind our condo. Bryan would go fishing here at night while the kids were asleep and I was up in the condo reading. He would always find people to fish with. That is one thing I admire about Bryan, he never meets a stranger!

Here's Nana and her grandbabies: The only one missing was Savannah. She had band camp and couldn't make it.

Here is me, Nana, and Cindy: Cindy has been in nursing school, so the weekend was a nice break for her!

Here is my Pirate Carley:

One of my favorite pics of Carley and Gavin!

Here is Gavin and his pirate gun: He looks like he is going to shoot the bird. I couldn't resist snapping a picture!

Here's the Boys of Summer: Austin, Colby, and Matthew!

Miniature golf! I told you Carley like posing with the statues!

Here's Bryan and I snapping pics while Carley and Gavin were playing on the slides behind the restuarant.

Here's my shrimp and alligator at the Original Oyster House: Behind the restaurant, you could feed the catfish. Carley and Gavin had a ball. It reminded me of when we would feed the catfish in Owensboro at the Go-cart track. Fun times!

Here is Carley flying her kite: She would get tired and zip the handle of her kit in the cooler so she could go play and keep her kite flying!

Here was our trip to the zoo:

This was our first night of crab hunting. Carley and Bryan caught 5 crabs! Gavin and I followed behind watching them. Gavin would shine his flashlight on the sand, say "Oh my gosh, Crab!!!" Then he would take a shovel full of sand and dump it in his bucket! He was so cute!

Another thing I admire about my hubby, is how he is always teaches Carley and Gavin new things. Here he is teaching them about Coral!

Here is Carley with her airbrushed Tattoo: She wanted one like Daddy! Thank goodness this one washes off!

Here's Gavin flying the pirate kite:

Here is Gavin: This is the first moring in the condo.

Here's Miss Carley, all ready to go to the beach:

This is me, Gavin, and Carley! He is sitting in my lap letting the water wash over his legs!

Here my Gavin: I loved taking pictures of him enjoying himself!


Sheila said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'm glad you had a fun filled vacation!!!! Beautiful family!

Erica said...

Great photos- looks like you had a blast!!!

Jackie G said...

What super fun photos!! Looks like you all had a blast!!

Regina said...

looks like you guys had a great time!