Monday, January 19, 2009

I was so excited for Friday to get here. It was our bi-weekly crop night, our first once back since the holidays, and I hadn't scrapped in a couple of weeks. I had all of my pics ready and my pages all planned out and every lady that comes to crop, had to cancel for one reason or another. So, I pulled all of my supplies into the living room, put in a movie, and had my own scrap night. I finished 3 lay-outs Friday night and another two on Saturday. It's funny how I'll go a couple of weeks and can't scrap then spend a night and crank out 3 lay-outs. I love it when that happens though. Saturday night, Bryan took me out to out at a favorite little Italian place we love and out to watch Mall Cop at the theater. Mall Cop was hilarious, BTW! While at the movies, I threw my back out. I have no idea how. But I got the strange urge that my back just wasn't right and needed to be popped. When we got home, Bryan tried to pop it for me but it just wouldn't pop. We went to sleep about midnight, then I woke up around 3am in horrible pain. I could lay down, it hurt to stand, and to sit. I googled pulled muscle and ended up taking pain meds and fell back to sleep laying on a cold pack. I felt a little better so we got up and went to church. Thankfully a dear lady, who is a nursing professor, asked what was wrong with my back. She did pressure points on me and discovered my back was out in 4 places. She took me to the back of the church and had me lay in the floor and popped my back into place. I THANK GOD for this lady! I woke up this morning feeling a little sore, but much, much, better! I am starting to believe that your body really does start going down hill once you hit 30!
Here are the lay-outs I finished, Enjoy!


~Telah said...

Hi there! I've seen your name around here and there....I just popped over from Paper Popsicles. I'm from Alabama too! Don't you just love it when you can get several layouts done like that! Your layouts are awesome!

Mara... said...

Wow Elisha, you've been busy! LOVE that Just Keep Swimming LO!!!